Artificial Intelligence & The Home Contractor Journey

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Do you know how Artificial Intelligence and new technologies are shaping the future of business? Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning tools are all new technologies that can assist business owners sift through the data of micro-messages that potential customers see in your online presence to help move them through the sales funnel. Join Chris Marentis, CEO at Surefire Local and Kevin Lao, Partner Enablement Manager at Google, for a discussion on how future business owners and executives will have greater visibility to: 1) Identify the message and tone to communicate in written copy about the business 2) Compare a business to key competitors in the market 3) Make recommendations to help improve business ranking and reputation
  • 1. Artificial Intelligence & The Home Contractor Journey
  • 2. 2 Imagine the Possibilities 1. Publish directly to your website and social media channels. Monitor & respond instantly 3. Request a review from a happy customer or ALL your happy customers 5. Submit your business to local directories & check your current listings 4. Monitor online reviews across multiple channels 2. Activate Google AdWords & Facebook Advertising campaigns optimized for leads, specifically for your industry 7. Analyze and understand your data to help inform future marketing decisions and investments 6. Manage your incoming leads, get text notifications, and follow-up directly from your smartphone And much more!
  • 3. Chris Marentis CEO Kevin Lao Partner Enablement Manager 3
  • 4. Agenda ● Kevin Lao: How Artificial Intelligence influences your digital marketing ● Chris Marentis: Review the digital journey consumers take to find a roofing contractor 4
  • 5. What is Artificial Intelligence and how it will influence your digital marketing? 5
  • 8. A.I. is the science of making things smart
  • 9. Proprietary & Confidential Artificial intelligence This whole grand project Machine learning Machines that learn to be smarter
  • 10. IBM Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov Two 6-game matches ● 1996 - Kasparov ● 1997 - Deep Blue 8,000 auto-tuned parameters trained by: ● 700,000 grandmaster games ● Special tuning by grandmaster Joel Benjamin 12
  • 11. “Solve intelligence, and then use that to solve everything else” Demis Hassabis 13
  • 12. 8x8 19x19 Chess Go 14
  • 13. “Experts in the field thought A.I. was 10 years away from achieving this [win in Go].” Elon Musk AlphaGo - 4 Lee Sedol - 1 15
  • 14. Unlike previous decades, Machine Learning doesn’t have to be specialized 17
  • 15. Machine learning is big. 18
  • 16. [beach] Google Photos
  • 17. Google Translate A.I. is in your pocket
  • 18. A.I. is Recognizing Your Voice Google Assistant Google Home 21
  • 19. GMail “Smart Reply”
  • 20. A.I. is Across Google Products Search Search ranking Speech recognition Gmail Smart Reply Spam classification Photos Photos search Translate Text, graphic, and speech translations Android Keyboard & speech input Drive Intelligence in Apps YouTube Video recommendations Better thumbnails Cardboard Smart stitching Play App recommendations Game developer experience Ads Richer Text Ads Automated Bidding Chrome Search by Image Maps Street View image Parsing Local Search 23
  • 21. Google utilizes multiple technologies in order to offer the best search experience to consumers RankBrain 24
  • 22. Say yes and we’ll reach out to you to schedule a 15 minute demo of our marketing cloud Quick water break! 25 and a Google Chromecast just for chatting!
  • 23. Take advantage of A.I. to get more business 26
  • 24. A.I. is already here Artificial Intelligence is already happening all around us. 55% of CMOs expecting AI to have a “greater impact on marketing and communications than social media ever had”.* *Source: AI-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come! Weber Shandwick & KRC Research 2016 27
  • 25. Goals Influence future behavior Get more projects Measure ROI 28
  • 26. Measure Customer Journey Across All Channels ThinkWithGoogle 29
  • 27. Stages Along the Customer Journey Post PurchasePurchaseEvaluationFact Finding Idea Exploration Source: Mapping customer journeys in multichannel decision-making Wolny, Julia; Charoensuksai, Nipawan. Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice 30
  • 28. Scenarios: ● Immediate problem ● Purchase decision with time 1. Idea Exploration- A.I. & Buyer Intent Marketing Channels in play: ● Word of Mouth ● Search ● Blog ● Social Media 31
  • 29. How A.I. Will Improve Your Marketing at this Stage ● Scores ● Connections Digital Scores, Reputation Scores of the top producing roofers 32
  • 30. 2. Fact Finding Stage Marketing Channels ● Phone ● Review Sites ● Local Directories ● SEO ● Advertising ● Direct Mail 33
  • 31. AI & Marketing ● Discover - Predict quality of your leads ● Experience - Design your process to sale ● Recommend - Customize materials/projects ● Automate - Lead management, communication ● Content for Voice search
  • 32. 3. Evaluation - Decision Making ● Marketing Automation ● Phone Call Tracking ● Customer Relationship Management 35
  • 33. How A.I. Will Improve Your Marketing at this Stage ● Discover needs ● Customer experience ● Technology to enhance in-home sale ● Data driven insights to beat competitors ● A.I. for email like Bomberang Respondable to put emails on top, suggest responses and let you know response probability 36
  • 34. 4. Final purchase ● Email ● CRM ● Document Management ● Paperless finance ● Tailored Sales process ● Roof concierge program ● A.I. Powered payment options ● Stock ordering powered by A.I. ● Follow-up and customer success process with A.I. insights 37
  • 35. How A.I. Will Improve Your Marketing at This Stage ● Perception of deal closing ● Planning for deals and mapping the efficiency of the projects ● Showing the final project with Augmented Reality ● Forecasting for weather and other external conditions ● Information on permits, compliance, insurance 38
  • 36. 5. Post Purchase ● Reviews ● Warranty ● Word of mouth ● Customer Success Surveys 39
  • 37. How A.I. Will Improve Your Marketing at this Stage ● Tone of the reviews ● Words that people are using to describe the project ● Encourage more customers to spread “Word of Mouse” 40
  • 38. Takeaways ● Create a comprehensive “digital footprint” ● Connect the Data ● Better customer experience ● Live prosperously 41
  • 39. Did you miss out on today’s poll question? 42 To get a free demo of our marketing cloud please email or call (888) 804-8685. and a Google Chromecast just for chatting!
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