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  • 1. Digipak’s By Mateusz Pasynkiewicz
  • 2. Similar Products Before creating a digipak design with my group for our artist I wanted to look at digipaks created for other artists in the same music genre. I chose to look at some of the digipaks created for Avicii, Paul Kalkbrenner, David Guetta and Kygo. In this presentation I will analyse the technical and symbolic conventions of this digipaks as well as if the dyer star theory and the target audience of each artist has any influence on the album artwork. Furthermore I will analyse the inside and back covers of other digipaks as I was unable to find the full digipaks of the artists that I have mentioned above.
  • 3. Avicii – Wake Me Up The album artwork for Avicii’s single “Wake Me Up” is simplistic and representational. Avicii is shown standing in in the centre with shadows covering most of his figure. I think the artist has been portrayed in this way because it interconnects with the theme of the song. The title is portrayed in an artistic font with the logo of the artist below. In general the the artwork was created in a way to be visually pleasing, informative of the artist and depict possible indications of the theme of the song. Whatever Avicii’s target audience may be, I fell that the artist was portrayed in the following clothes and colour so as to attract the attention of those people. Lastly I think that the the Dyer star theory partially applies to the way in which Avicii is portrayed.
  • 4. Paul Kalkbrenner – 7 On this album artwork Paul Kalkbrenner is shown dancing in front of a blue screen. This album artwork is even more simplistic than that of Avicii’s as it solely displays the name of the artist, album, and an image of the artist. The music of Paul KalkBrenner is simplistic, therefore I think that the album cover can been designed to reflect the music within. Continuing I think that Paul has been dressed in the following clothes to address the style and attitude of his target audience. I feel that due to all of the following it cannot be determined whether the dyer star theory applies to Paul Kalkbrenner. Although the album artwork fits to the music of the artist, it does not appear to me from external research that the artists public image is in any way constructed.
  • 5. Avicii – Wake Me Up Just like Avicii’s album artwork and Paul Kalkbrenner’s album artwork, the album artwork for David Guetta’s album Listen is simplistic and visually appealing. The artist is once again shown at the centre of the album cover with the title in front of him. In my opinion because David Guetta has acquired a huge number of fans that the clothes and style of the album artwork was not directed at a target audience and instead at the general public. On the other hand there most likely is a specific audience which is attracted by this style of work. I would say that the dyer star theory strongly applies to David Guetta as the artist is a famously known public figure that possess an image which I think is created by the music industry.
  • 6. Kygo – Cloud Nine The album artwork for Kygo differs from all of the above album artworks. The designer of Kygo’s album artwork has in my opinion purposefully not followed the conventions of house music album artworks in order to attract a larger audience and attention to the work. The album artwork displays a stroke of paint which I think is to be the visually appealing element of the piece. Above the paint stroke the logo and name of the artist is displayed while the name of the artist is shown at the bottom. It appears that album artwork has been designed with a specific target audience in mind as people who do not know the artist would not be able to depict his name is Kygo be looking at the album cover.
  • 7. After analysing four different album artworks I am able to state the following about their technical and symbolic conventions. A technical convention for house music present within the following examples is that the artist is shown in the centre of the artwork through the use of a mid/long – shot. A symbolic convention is that house album artworks use vivid colours and contrasts to create appealing visuals. Continuing if the artist is shown in album artwork, conventionally the title will be presented in from of them. Additionally depending on the theme of an artists song or songs the album artwork will be created in a way to reflect and interconnect with those. Also the artist wears clothes that appeal to their target audience, whilst allowing them to look stylised and good looking. It appears that Kygo’s Cloud Nine purposefully does not follow this conventions which I have taken into account. Overall all of the above represent the conventions and ways in which album artworks are created for artists that produce House music. Symbolic and Technical Conventions
  • 8. Digipak – Back Cover Conventions After looking into the front covers of digiapks I chose to look into the back covers. Through research I have grasped the conventions of the back cover of all digipaks including house digipaks. Simply the legal and artist information is supplied at the bottom of the cover. Somewhere above that information, either in the centre or to one of the sides, is the list of songs sold with the digipak. The colour scheme and title of the album appearing on the back cover to be inconsistent throughout the house digipaks. Therefore I’d say that they are not a convention of this genre.
  • 9. Digipak – Inside Conventions Finally I've looked into the conventions of house digipak inside covers. In nearly all of the covers that I have looked a visual representation of the artist is present. The theme is on-going throughout the two inside covers, and written information is rarely given. Through this analysis I can state that a convention of House digipaks is that they have a constant theme throughout the inside cover. The lead singer or artist is in some way shown inside, and visually appealing imagery is shown throughout.
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